Vision and Mission

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1. To establish a value-laden advocacy for quality healthcare services

2. To develop internal and external linkages

3. To provide technical assistance to members and other healthcare leaders.



Almighty and ever-living God, Source of all wisdom and knowledge, Divine Author of order in the world we live in, the Inspiration and Guide of those on whom You entrust the task to lead, look down on us, as we lift up before You our Philippine College of Hospital Administrators. Together with our officers and all our members throughout the land.

From its humble beginning, You inspired the eleven founders of this College to organize a body whose prime goal was to professionalize the practice of hospital administration, with a vision to form committed leaders, commissioned to promote quality management in the delivery of hospital services.

All through the years, the successors of our predecessors have faithfully carried on their mission for the upliftment and advancement of hospital administration as a profession, protect the interest and welfare of their members, develop programs that will ensure transformational leadership and social concerns, promote holistic development of their constituents and ensure consistent viability, sustainability, and transparency of the management of their hospital.

In the face of such great challenge confronting us and our members, we acknowledge that without Your Providential Guidance, all our plans and endeavors will remain futile. We beg You therefore O Lord, to pour down on our College and on all our officers and members, the fullness of Your Spirit, preside over all our plans and activities, and walk with us as we reach out to those who need our assistance in their mission of love and service, to those who serve and with whom they serve.