President’s Message

My dear friends and Colleagues in Philippine College of Hospital Administrators, I take off my hat to all of you.

EVANGELINE P MORALESNowadays, with the fast aging of computers, increasing cases of different infectious and non-infectious diseases, fast mushrooming of different diagnostic centers and hospitals, and not to forget the economic crisis, we Hospital Administrators, are really facing a very huge challenging role.

A real challenging role to survive as a very vital hospital in own areas. We need to face the fast turn-over of our efficient health worker such as the doctors and nurses. We have to be careful in hiring new blood with new ideas, innovation to inject all their knowledge to our hospitals.

For this, I congratulate my Vice President and Chairman, the whole Committee, of this 36th Annual Convention for selecting the topic: HOSPITAL INNOVATION: HARNESSING THE ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT IN HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY. This will give us a very big insight on the different challenges in front of us.

But as for the last, let us not forget that as the word implies, Hospital Administrators, let’s always have our heart open, for only in this way we can let others feel that we are just instruments, as administrators, of God the Almighty.

Mabuhay tayong lahat.

Honorary Chairman of Committee
President, Philippine College of Hospital Administrators