Be a Member of PCHA

Being part of the PCHA means benefiting each member with more opportunities to grow professionally as the College encourages cultivating shared expertise.

Do you want to be part of PCHA? Read on and see if you are qualified to join.


I. Membership in the Association shall be categorized as:
A. Associate Member
B. Regular Member
C. Fellow
D. Honorary Fellow
E. Life Member

II. In order to qualify for admission to the Association; the Candidate must apply in writing and present adequate information (Resumé) to show that he/she complies with the requirements of PCHA.

III. Candidates will be screened by the Credentials Committee and recommended to the Board of Regents the outcome of his/her application during the regular Board meeting for final action.

A formal Letter of Acceptance will be sent to the candidate as soon as the Board of Regents have taken up the recommendation of the Membership Committee during their regular Board meeting.

Click here to view the full requirements for each of the membership categories.


  1. good day sir/madam.. i would like to apply as associate member of PCHA.. where can i download an application form?

  2. Ma. Bessie R. Zafe, MD. says:

    Gud am.
    May I know if I can submit the application for membership and the other papers by email?
    How about the initiation fee?
    Thank you.

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